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Sexe Soy Candle
by Jimmy Belasco

7oz candle, $25.00

Jimmy Belasco all natural candles are made from food grade soy, clean enough to eat, which means that they burn even cleaner. Each 7oz candle has a burn time of 55-60 hours.

Our best-selling Jimmy scent, Sexe, is a sultry blend of amber, plumeria, cocoa and limon.

Country of Origin: USA Red Currant Candle
by Votivo

We brought a few of these candles in just to give them a try, but after they flew off the shelves, we bought a complete line, and moved them to the front of our store, where their incredible fragrances welcome our visitors. Each candle is carefully poured into a glass jar, and the robust scents just ooze out even when they're not burning. Also try the matching soaps.

Country of Origin: USA

Monogram M Candle
by Archipelago Botanicals

Country of Origin: USA
Monkeys - 3 Wise Monkeys
by Gianna Rose

Inspired by the 17th century legend, this re-creation of the 3 Wise Monkeys affords a thoughtful gift for young or old. The carved-soap monkeys are creamy taupe and scented with white lychees fragrance.

Country of Origin: USA

Dachshund Soap
by Gianna Rose

3.37oz bar, $19.20

Gianna Rose Atelier continues the expansion of its well-regarded, dog-shaped, products with this newest addition. The Dachshund is clever, courageous and one of the most popular breeds in America. This accurate Dachshund rendering is scented with a crisp, cottage linen fragrance and is packaged in a chocolate and ivory houndstooth patterned box, tied with a burnt orange ribbon.

Country of Origin: USA
Lavender Room Diffuser
by California Inside & Out

8.5oz diffuser, $29.95

The scent of lavender is said to be stress reducing, relaxing, and of course a lovely frangrance year-round.

Country of Origin: USA

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