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Creating a gift registry

Do yourself and your guests a huge favor by creating your personal bridal gift registry. Your guests look forward to bringing you a gift that they know will be something you will appreciate and really want. By creating your wish list of items from your favorite stores, you are creating a relaxing, non-stressful shopping experience, not only for you, but for your guests. It's a convenient way for your friends and family to shop.

When to set up a gift registry.

Set up your gift registry as early as possible. The sooner the better. You'll be surprise at how soon many of your guests are waiting to get first dibs on purchasing the item they think you will like the best.

Do revisit your gift registry often and as gifts are purchase, update it with new items. Make sure your list is filled with a wide variety of items and cost range. Your guests will be able to use this list for other gift giving bridal celebrations, such as engagement parties, bridal showers and bachelorete/bachelor party.

Who will help out with the registry wish list?

This is something that bridal couples can work on together. Make it a fun date. Be prepared and come up with a list of what you may need and a list of what you would like. Start with mentally going through each room of your future house and don't forget the garage. Remember these will be items that the both of you will enjoy during your new life as a married couple.

What store registry should we pick?

About every store you can think of offers a gift registry. Select the store or stores; yes you can register at more than one. There are department stores that offer all household items and there are specialty stores where you can find almost anything. It’s not like registering for only china and cookware anymore.

Just be sure when your announcements go out, you list all stores you registered with, along with their website addresses. Better yet, send them to your personal wedding website for all details of your special day. If you don't have one yet go here -

Keep in mind you want to make sure there is something everyone can afford on your list. Do your research on stores policies of the stores you are considering before you sign on the dotted line.

A few things to keep in mind:
A. Shipping policies
B. Gift Wrap options
C. Exchange and Return Policy
D. Locations for easy pick up, or return, if need be.


Send out personal thank-you's pre-wedding to those who sent you wedding gifts pre-wedding. Some registries offer to send out thank you notes with the purchased gifts. It 's more personable, if you sent out a card yourself or if you can, a personal phone call.

All other thank you's for gifts, will not be expected until after the honeymoon!

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