Chic Wedding Stationery 

beautiful bride ...
get pampered green

organic spa booties filled with organic rice and
lavender you can heat in a microwave

Foot Comfort Set
A wonderful treat for weary feet - yours

Bamboo Steamer Gift Set

Ecova Organic Soap Set
Made for VivaTerra in
England with organic essential oils,
each of our five soaps offers a different
benefit while protecting your skin.

100% organic agricultural oils.
Set of 5


Bamboo Towels and Washcloths
The silkiness of these organic cotton and
bamboo-extract towels improves with each wash.

VivaTerra Organic Cotton Bath Towels

Viva Terra
Green Glossary, by Twokh

Eco-Footprinting – is a form of energy audit that allows us to estimate the burden
that the consumption of anything, from food and paper to building materials, puts on
the environment.

Green Design – an approach to the design of new or renovated residential, commercial,
or industrial spaces. The spaces are designed, constructed, operated and demolished in
environmentally responsible and energy efficient manners.

Green Products – products manufactured with recycled materials or fabricated
from natural materials that are essentially non-toxic or benign, and/or are energy efficient.
Low Toxic Materials – do not contain formaldehyde and have very low levels of other VOCs.

Natural Products – materials taken from nature such as cotton and linen fibers woven
into textiles and rock or stone such as granite or limestone cut for interior surfaces.
Preparation of these products for use in interiors needs little if any chemical processing.

Personalized Products

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